Vivaha Notes

BackNotes on Vivahaa Mantapa :                                     

  1. This section is basically to help the HK community at large.

  2. To ensure seriousness in this section an entry fee of Rs. 100/- (Rs. One Hundered Only) for one display has to be paid by the calling party to the site.

  3. You can enter all the details and after your confirmation, wait for your entry number. Please keep this number in your record.

  4. Your display matter will be displayed only after receipt of Rs. 100/-  at Ahmedabad.

  5. You can send Rs. 100/- either by money order or Demand Draft favouring M/s. Hoysala Samparka, payable at Ahmedabad, to the following address.

    No.5/25 Swair Vihar Society,
    Polytechnic Char Rasta,
    Ahmedabad - 380015,
    Gujarat - India.

    In case if you do not have an email address, then we will send the details of interested parties, three times during the said period (three months) by Registered post and if you want this facility, then you will have to send Rs. 150/- (Rs. One Hundred and Fifty Only) instead of Rs. 100/- as entry fees.

  6. The admin will scrutinize the display matter before displaying, to remove objectionable matter, if any.

  7. Your matter will be displayed under reference of your entry number. All displays will be open for view of all visitors hence please use your discretion while preparing your display matter.

  8. It will take seven business days for displaying your matter, after receiving the amount of Rs. 100/-

  9. After seeing your display matter, some of the other displyaing parties, may show interest in your matter. The interested party will send their interest to the Admin of the site, through the site program only. The enquiries of only those parties will be entertained, who have displayed their matter in the Vivahaa Mantapa section of this site.

  10. The details of the interested parties (like email address, phone number and address) will be sent to your email address. The interested party will not get your contact details, but they will get only confirmation from Admin that their interest has been passed on to you and on which date.

  11. The discretion of contacting the interested party will be solely on you. You may or you may not contact them. However, for the sake of internet courtesy, you may send an email to them about your selection/rejection of their interest.

  12. Your display matter will be on display for a period of three months from the date of receipt of your money.

  13. The display may be shown for a longer time than three months, depending upon the decision of Admin.

  14. However you may ask the Admin to stop showing the display matter, whenever you feel doing so, by sending an email to the site administrator, mentioning your Reference number.

  15. Incidentally, please inform us if you are solemnising your marriage, so that we can convey our congratulations and send good wishes through our site. Back

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