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( A note on the annual mega-event “The Sangha Day” - its evolution, growth to popularity and observance details of the TWENTY FIFTH SANGHA DAY)

The elders were there, the Recognized Achievers were there and Brilliant Students as well. Yes Sir, They all adorned the spacious stage, facing an auditorium jam-packed with member gloating in pride, justifiable for their seniors, State-award conferees or their bright offspring were being honored at this unique annual showcase congregation of Hoysala Karnatakas.

The date was 9th March 2003 a Sunday and the location ‘BANGALORE GAYANA SAMAJA HALL on the K.R. ROAD, BANGALORE. The event "SANGADA DINACHARANE".

It is was in 1974 that the then Office Bearers of the Sangha envisaged an Annual Gathering of Community members - be they members or otherwise on the Sangha Rolls- wherein official riff-raff like presentation of Accounts, Budgeting et al could take a back seat. The conceived an informal but well planned festival whose memory could linger long in the minds of the participants. Thus blossomed the idea of presenting in person of young and old achievers of the Community at a meaning full function. The idea became popular on implementation, attendance increased year by year and the event had to be shifted to larger Auditoriums.

This years event was the TWENTY FIFTH in succession - since pressing commitments on the Sangha caused occasional hiccups during some years midway and the event could not be held without break.

Planning for the occasion had been initiated well in advance, with office bearers as we as committee member collecting useful information regarding prospective incumbents. Invitations were extended through PRABHUDDHA HOYSALA the periodical Mouthpiece publication of the Hoysala Karnataka Sangha.

Proceeding commenced with Sri B.S.Ananthanarayana President of the Sangha and Sri. M.R.N. Murthy Chairman of the Board of Trustees of the Hoysala Trust being Invited to the dais (details about the Hoysal Trust, an administrative body carved out from the Sangha are available elsewhere in this website). Sri N.K. Swamy the Businessman from Ahmedabad who has been instrumental in launching this portal as the special invitee on the occasion occupied the seat alongside the duo. The other occupant on the head table was Smt. Saroja Subbarao, President of the Ladies Wing of the Sangha. The Elite members who were to be presented to the audience on the day were seated on either side of the head-table in meticulous order.

Following melodious rendering of prayer by Smt. Rashmee Kumar invoking blessings from the almighty, Sri. T.L.N. Murthy Vice-President of the Sangha extended a hearty welcome to one and all present on the occasion.

The trio distinguished Award winners were felicitated in turn, while the Master of Ceremonies readout their achievements and and family histories. The President wrapped a Shawl around each one of them and presented them with a Special Momento to mark the occasion.

Nonegerian Sri. MATHIGHATTA KRISHNAMURHTY, the Journalist - cum - Writer with immense, valuable contribution to Kannada Folk-literature (JANAPADA SAHITYA) has been bestowed with the coveted “RAJYPTHSAVA PRASHASTI” by the Karnataka Government this year. Sri Krishnamurthy had a few years ago received the “KARNATAKA JAANAPAD SRI” Award as well.

Dr. KUSUMA N BHATT. Who has dedicated here career to the welfare of Mentally handicapped children, gained vast experience in the field both in India as well as abroad and also got a theme Doctorate working on the subject was the next one to be honored. She had received the well mented State Award from the Department of Welfare of the Disabled. Government of Karnataka for 2002 for her service to the cause through the organization MANO NANDANA.

A bright young Computer Engineer get a State Award as the BEST PLAY-BACK SINGER in KANNADA FILMS and the Small Screen ! Strange as it might apppear but real as life, and the credit belongs to none other than Kumari. NANDITH C.S, more than a hundred and fifty films over and many more to go this young lady faces the nice dilemma of choice in here career THE BRAIN or THE THROAT ! Kum. Nanditha was honored by the Sangha for here laudable achievement.

The Executive Committee of the Sangha has taken a popular decision this year to honor Elderly Citizens of the Community who were past the age of 85 years - 80 in the case of Women. Earlier the age limit adopted used to be 90 for both.

Accordingly the following were honored by the President of the Sangha.

Sriyutha/Srimathi (age, in years in bracket).

1. P.N. SUBBARAO (87)




5. JAYAMMA (80)










15. GOWRAMMA (86)

16. RANGAMMA (83)





21. N.K. SHANKAR RAO (86)


23. ACHCHANNA (82)



It was by pure coincidence that TWENTY FIVE elders blessed the congregation on the TWENTYFITH SANGHA DAY. It was a pleasant sight to meet in person those people who had braved through thick and thin and now lived in peace, amidst their own progeny whom they had struggled hard to bringup in disciplined ways during the twilight of their lives.

It was now time to get a glimpse of our elite set of youngsters representing the cream of tomorrow’s intelligence. Young Achievers who merited higher ranks and placing in their examinations ranging from the S S L C to the DEGREE and MASTERS LEVELS were individually introduced to the gathering. Each student received a Special Momento in recognition of outstanding merits in their studies. The list runs as below:-

(Read Chi. Or Kumari)


2. B.S. PAVANA - 96% - SSLC 2002

3. ASHOK R HOYSAL - 94.4% SSLS 2002


5. B.S. APARNA - 84% - FINAL B.E (E & E) - 2002

6. ANUP S VASHIST - 94.1% - SSLC 2002

7. GOWRI KRISHNA - I RANK M.Sc (Speech & hearing) gold medal 2002


9. K.S. KARTHIK - 95.86% - SSLC - 2002

10. H.R. DILEEP - 96.96% - SSLC - 2002 and

11. GOWRI G SARAF - 7TH RANK B.E. (IT) - 2002.

With these pleasant tasks completed on schedule, Dr. Kusuma, Sri. C.S. Srinivasamurhty and Smt. Vasudha took turns and thanked the Sangha for the yeomen task and ideals with which proper recognition was given to the incumbents in varying age-groups.

Sri. S. Ramamurhty introduced the Chief Guest of the day Sri. N.K. SWAMY to the audience. The exemplary qualities of the Post-Graduate in Physics, Regional -Head in Sales, and later turned in to a successful Businessman, now settled in Ahmedabad but with a firmly planted heart in Karnataka, were extolled in the brief curriculum-vitae of Sri. Swamy. Then Mr. Swamy explained the modus-operandi of the web-site initiated by him for gathering, spreading and preserving essential and useful information regarding members of the Hoysala Karnataka community, their ways of life, common interest and their contribution to the society, through a well designed portal.

Sri. M.R.N. Murthy, Chiarman of the Board of Trustees the Hoysala Trust and the Past President then briefly explained the structure, functioning and important details regarding the Trust.

Finally, it was the Sangha President’s turn to address the gathering and Sri. B.S. Ananthanarayana did so in his methodical and precise way. He explained in a nutshell, the services being rendered by the Sangha to the community at large and to the Hoysala Karnatakas in particular, through running an economical Hostel facility for the students awarding scholarships to the deserving, alround development of the Ladies Wing, conducting Cultural Programs, extending financial assistance to needy parents to the extent possible for celebrating marriages of their daughters et al. He solicited unstinted cooperation from all members of the community by way of their active participation in one or the other of the various service activities of the Sangha.

Even as the conculding part was nearing, several participants started showing their positive response of appreciation towards the Sangha’s cause through offering of financial donations to the institution. While each donor gave his or her contribution, the warmth of their appreciation of Sangha activities and the will to participate in them was clearly manifest in their action. Mention may be made of one single donation of Rs. 50,000/- (fifty thousand) by Smt. Sharadamma Shankar Bhatt who was one of those honored for having seen a thousand moons in their lives - she is 82 years old.

The enthusiastic participants in the function both on and off the stage, the rapt audience who kept cheering the incumbents as they were honored through time hand clapping and those who leant a helping hand in order to make the function a total success were profusely thanked by the Treasurer of the Sangha Sri. N. Kapardi who proposed the Vote of Gratitude.

With the culmination of the prime event, it was the time now to inject some cultural activity as a fitting finale to identify young talent among the community members and give them an opportunity to exhibit their proficiency. Budding young Flutist Chi. H.C. Kashyap enthralled the audience for about 40 minutes with melodious rendering of Carnatic Music on his Flute, He was ably supported by two other youngsters Chi, Deepa K Murthy on the Violin and Chi. N. Linagaraju on Mridanga.

All the events of the programme were monitored by the Master of Ceremonies Sri. S Ramamurthy who kept audience in good humor throughout with funny anecdotes and also provided useful information about the Sangha during between the item gaps. He was ably supported by the up-coming talented writer Smt. Vanaja Chandrashekar.

Members partook of a buffet-type working lunch prior to disposal.

It was another purposeful day a memorable one at that and whose reminiscences will be cherished for long by all those present, the participants as well as the hard-worked organizers. No doubt in the end there was a common thought in everyone’s mind "LET US LOOK FORWARD TO THE NEXT SANGHA DAY AND MAKE IT A JOUOUS IF NOT MORE AS THIS ONE HERE TODAY"

The HK Sangha in Bangalore is the backbone of Hoysala Karnataka activities. It has come a long way and is providing great support.

Birds Eye View Indelible Foot Prints, indeed !

Execlusive Photo Gallery of Hoysala Karnatka Sangha

  Established: 1944 (at Mysore)
To work together with common interest of Hoysala Karnataka community and to run a students hostel
  Banglore Hostel:
A building with sixteen rooms (8 rooms in the ground floor and 8 rooms in first floor) to accomadate 40 students with an annex for kitchen, dining, bath etc., was started in 1965.

  Silver Jubilee of the Sangha conducted in 1969.

  Ladies wing started 1972.

  Hoysala Bhavana constructed - 1990
 community hall for the benefit of our community members and the public in general.

  Hoysala Trust (R) formed - 1991
 (to be the custodians of the properties of the Sangha) IT exemption for donation to Trust  obtained under Section 80 G in the same year.

  Publication of Booklet "PRABUDHA HOYSALA"
Quarterly started in 1992 - A go between Sangha and its members. Booklet free for members.

  Health Check up camp for members arranged during 1993.

  Golden Juiblee Celebration of Sangha -1995.

  Publication fo Books titled "Hoysala Karnataka Brahammnnaru"
(Study of culture, Life style etc., of Hoysala Karnataka)-1996.

  Post Graduates Hostel building at Banashankari CA site with dining, Kitchen and library Hall started in 2000.

  'SAMANVYA' to raise funds a souvenir brought out by the ladies wing - 2002.

matrimonial consulation center is being run at Hombegowdanagara hostel premises for over a decade.

  Ladies wing also encourage artistis, musicians, dancers, by conduction exhibition compitations, Annual "MAHILA DINACHARANE" ladies meeet arranged regularly each year, Senior lady members are honoured on that day.

  "Sangha Day"
a get together of Hoysala Karnataka's arranged every year and 2003 is the 25th year. Senior Citizens, State and central govt. awardees, rank students are honoured by the Sangha on that day.

  "Scholrship Distrubution"
Every year in the month of NOv-Dec is being carried and hundreds of Brahmin Students are benefited.

  Web Site "" was launched at Ahmedabad by Sri N. K. Swamy - Feb 2003.

The sangha and Hoysala trust have joint ambition of Constructing 16+8 rooms at Hoysala Trust Hostel premises in BSK III stage, and later on accommodate girl students/working women in the hostel vacated at Wilson Garden. The estimate cost of the new project is about Rs. 70 lakhs (Rs Seventy Lakhs)

Your Generous contribution is solicited. A crossed cheque may be send to the above address.

The above details are provided by the President Hoysala Karnataka Sangha, Banglore, Mr. B.S. Ananthanarayana

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