This is a page for those persons who perform pooje on various type of occassions.
This page will contain pooje vidhi, location from where you can get pooje samagri, pooje books/literature and purohit details.
This page will be developed purely on the basis of participation by the visitors. You are invited to fill in the details. You will be duly credited.
Pooje Vidhi  
 Pooje Books/Literature Purohit Details

This section allows you to fill in details on the process of pooje so that any interested visitor can gain knowledge on the process of pooje.
Add Pooje Vidhi Details     List of Pooje Vidhi
Name of the Pooje :  
Objective of the Pooje :  
Special Items require for the Pooje :  
To Be Performed On :      
Details of Process of Pooje :  
Any Special Instruction :  
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