Hoysala Karnatkas - Origin & Growth

The youngest of the brothers, Bhoganatha, who is usually known as Bhoganathakavi, was like his brothers a reputed author. He calls himself the born companion of Sangama II, who was the ward of his elder brother Sayancharya.

On account of the influence which these brothers wielded with the early Vijaynagara rulers, the Hoysala Karnataka Community must have gained in importance and prestige in the social, political and other spheres. Consenquently they must have occupied prominent official positions of authority. My mother's maternal uncle used to tell me that according to a family tradition he was a descendant (on his mother's side) of Bhoganatha.

Now let us turn to the inscription (referred to already) which makes a specific mention of the Hoysana Kannadi sect. This inscription of A.D. 1687 states that Rama Sastri of Hoysana Kannadi Community received some gifts made by Mahadevendra Sarasvati, the disciple of Chandrasekhara Sarasvati, who occupied the pontifical throne of the Saradapitha of Kanchi. This Ramasastri has been identified with his namesake Ramasastri, the elder brother of Kuttikavi (Circa 1700). Both these brothers are known to be the sons of the daughter's daughter of the great Govinda Dikshita, the minister of the Nayaka chiefs of Tanjavur, thus proving beyond any doubt that Govinda Dikshita belonged to the Hoysala Karnataka Community. This Govinda Dikshita was a scholar, philosopher, statesman and musicologist . He was the minister of three successive Nayakas of Tanjavur. This Nayaka family owed its rise to the relationship of its first prominent members Sevvappanayaka by ties of marriage with the Vijaynagar emperor Achyutaraya (1530-1542). Sevvappa's wife Murtimamba was the younger sister of Thirumalamba, one of the Queens of Achyutaraya. Govinda Dikshita was called Ayyan by the Nayaka chieftains on account of their affection and regard for him; and he was given the Ardhasana, a signal mark of honour by these chiefs . On account of his able guidance the Tanjavur tract became very flourishing and cultured. He is known to have written a treatise on music called Sangita-Sudhanidhi in addition to his other works. His son Yajnanarayana Dikshita in his famous work Sahityaratnakara has given many details regarding his illustrious father and his activities. Another son of his was the renowned Venkatamakhi, who wrote the work Chaturdandiprakasika which is even to-day regarded as one of the most authoritative books on Carnatic music.

Reverting once again to Ramasastri mentioned above , we may not to the sect to which is belonged viz.,Hoysana Kannadi sect enjoyed some patronage in the kama koti Pitha at Kanchi. This perhaps accounts for the choice of the Mathadipatis of this Pitha from among the Hoysala Karnataka Community for some generations . The present Jagadguru who adorns the Kama koti Pitha. His Holiness sri Chandrase karendra Sarasvati Swamigalu who is held in great esteem for his spiritual qualities, catholicity of outlook and simplicity of life by all the sections of the people in India, is the greatest living luminary of the Hoysala Karnataka Community.

Source: Silver Jubilee Souvenir of Hoysala Karnataka Sangha (Regd.) Bangalore , with the permission of the President Mr..B.S.Ananthanarayana.


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