Mission Statement

This site is open in nature, and is for the view of any visitor.

This site is created, for the benefit of Hoysala Karnataka Community, with an in-built intention of sharing the protracted benefits to the Public in general.

This site receives and shares information on the Historical background, on the Cultural habits, and on the Religious needs of Hoysala Karnataka Community members, to quench the thirst of sense of 'roots'.

This site provides platform for the flow of knowledge, opportunity for empowering the underprivileged, and scope for honouring the Torchbearers of the Community.

This site will welcome all constructive suggestions, and will remain interactive.

This site will help Hoysala Karnataka members, in their matrimonial matching needs.

This site will endeavor to provide a sense of 'home' for all those Hoysala Karnataka Community members, who are away from their native place.

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