The Promoter of this site, a Hoysala Karnataka, left Mysore in 1964 and have remained outside of Karnataka since then.

The yearly visits to Bangalore have always been a matter of ' Call Of Roots' since then. The desire of drawing a family tree lead in to thinking about the Roots of Hoysala Karnataka Community.

Many questions popped up. Like…Where all we live … How many of us … Is every one aware of our roots … Can the scattered ones be linked … How are we special … Are our Prominent persons known to our own people … Can we help ourselves as a Community … What about support to our Youngsters …Is there any single Platform for mutual contact … The list was endless.

Someone should start a platform and motivate the Community to participate, was the closing point, which lead to thinking of creating a website.

But, who would fund the programme ? The Thumb-Rule said bring finance by yourself. With that everything was ready, the Need, the Idea, the Process, the Goal and of-course the funds.

A meeting with Mr. H.K. Nanjundaswamy and later with Prof. G. Venkatasubbiah, during October 2002, built the confidence up and the process of creation of this website started.

Timely help & support by Mr. B.S. Ananthanarayana, President, Hoysala Karnataka Sangha, Bangalore, brought acceleration to the process.

The site is on now, and is meant for every Hoysala Karnataka Community member. The growth of this site will purely depend upon the response by the Community members.


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